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13 Best Stainless Steel Ice Buckets in 2018

13 Best Stainless Steel Ice Buckets in 2018

A refreshing beverage and ice go hand-in-hand at parties and investing in an ice bucket will save you time, keep your drinks cool, and make your guests happy. A stainless steel ice bucket is long-lasting and has a modern design. We gathered the best stainless steel ice buckets currently on the market and analyzed their capacity, insulation, design, and other materials that might have been used in its construction.

13.?Elegance Hammered Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

Crafted in hammered steel, this ice bucket by Elegance stands at 6 inches tall. The stylish design adds a WOW factor to any mini bar or countertop. It comes with a foldaway handle and a peg on the side to keep track of the tongs.

Customers who bought this stainless steel ice bucket mentioned it was relatively small and has a great design. Continue reading