How to understand the anti-theft systems

Store owners must first take care of the security of their property themselves by connecting retail outlets to the centralized security panel or by installing video surveillance cameras at stores or near them, and by strengthening windows and doors. Rural shops can be equipped with so-called howler or chemical traps.

And although such equipment of the retail facility requires costs, in the future it will help to protect yourself from robberies.

If you are interested in anti-theft systems for shops in Kiev, I advise you to contact the company INTELPOL, which since 1993 has been supplying and installing anti-theft systems.

An anti-theft system is generally an interesting topic. For example, now the most popular is electronic control of products. This is such a technological method to prevent theft from retail stores, the theft of books from libraries or the removal of objects from office buildings. Special beacons are fixed in goods or books. These beacons are removed or deactivated by the employees of the establishment when the goods are properly purchased or unloaded. The anti-theft system is usually installed at the outlet, next to the ticket offices.

Theft of property, especially stores, can only be prevented by close cooperation between the police and the public. The management of the district department of internal affairs asked the residents of the district not to stand aside from this problem and report information on suspicious persons attempting to commit a crime to numbers 102 or to district inspectors.

Sad Statistics
This year, 25 thefts from shops were committed in my district, 15 of them were uncovered, and 10 remained uncovered. Police officers conduct operational search measures to identify and detain thieves. In this regard, I decided to write an article for shop owners about how to protect themselves from intruders.

Most thieves choose shops that are not equipped with alarms, those points that are not connected to the centralized security guard, where video surveillance is being conducted. Typically, intruders penetrate at night, breaking the shutters on windows or entrance doors, or smashing windows and breaking the grilles.

Here are some recent examples. In the neighboring area, the attackers climbed into the store, breaking the window glass. In my area, to get inside the store, the thieves cracked the padlocks on the front door. And in one famous metropolitan shop on the same day, the robbers also broke the window. There is already a tendency to observe.

Today it is very important to protect your business, office, premises, burglar alarm system, anti-theft system. After all, no one is insured from burglary and theft, so you must always be on the check.

Modern anti-theft systems can be made in three versions. This is a radio-frequency system, acoustomagnetic and electromagnetic, and more about this can be read further.

When installing a radio-frequency anti-theft system, a special sensor is installed that reacts to the passage of the thing, its signal is caught by the antenna receiver. Depending on the equipment manufacturer, the capture power can be different.

The acoustomagnetic system is arranged on the basis of plates, which in turn are built into the reaction sensor. During the theft, the plates vibrate, the vibration of which is also captured by the antennas.

Electromagnetic technology is based on the magnetization of the metal in the sensor. In this case, this anti-theft system for this technology is used very rarely.
More often, anitkrazhnye systems put in offices, shops, warehouses, shopping centers. To purchase and install such a system, you need to enter into a service contract with the organization that sells such systems.

After that, the master will come from this firm and install the equipment in the right place. In advance, learn the types of anti-theft systems, consult with a specialist, study the price range from different companies and choose the most optimal option in your opinion.

Usually, an anti-theft system is placed at the outlet of the store, if there is only one entrance and exit. It may even be just a small, for example, shoe department or clothing department in a large shopping center. In this case, the administration of the center is not responsible for the loss of things in your department, if there is not installed a general video camera of the shopping center. So for the safety of things you will have to worry yourself, and also hope for the care and honesty of your sellers.


Prices for the purchase and installation of such systems can vary widely depending on the technology and manufacturer, try out to find the most suitable choice for price and quality.