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Good waterproofing is essential for any successful building project, but invisible in the finished structure. Often the only time waterproofing is considered, let alone valued, is when it fails and the expensive remedial operation begins…

Flex A Seal is the leader in providing waterproofing solutions for projects in Melbourne and surrounds, with more than 30 years’ experience getting it right the first time. There are three main reasons to choose Flex A Seal.


  • Flex A Seal has been providing waterproofing services for bathrooms, balconies, decks, swimming pools, ponds, basements and more for over two decades.
  • We have an extensive catalogue of successful waterproofing jobs, and hundreds of satisfied clients.
  • Our team consists of professional tradespeople with extensive experience and training.
  • We have an enviable track record, priding ourselves on our ability to get it right first time, every time. Thanks to our waterproofing membrane systems and meticulous installation techniques, hundreds of our installations have been in service for more than 30 years.

Technical expertise

  • All installations are compliant with current Australian Building Standards and building codes.
  • All our waterproofing installations are supported with a ten-year performance warranty.
  • Our waterproof membrane systems are made of the highest quality materials, manufactured to meet our exacting standards. For example, we use ‘Class 3’ latex rubber-based membrane emulsions, meaning the membrane will never emulsify once cured – not the case with standard acrylic membranes.
  • Flex A Seal follows a strict quality-assurance schedule, with a Certificate of Compliance issued upon completion.


  • The Flex A Seal team is efficient. We work cleanly, to specification and to deadline.
  • Flex A Seal works well as part of a multidisciplinary team, with long-term, ongoing associations with many builders, architects, developers and established building companies.
  • Excellent communication skills, whether for consulting on briefs, liaising with tradespeople or developing waterproofing solutions for specific, demanding projects.