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Participating in this conversion of a three storey warehouse into the family home will remain one of our most inspiring and professionally satisfying projects of recent years.

This owner-built project represents all that is good about building and architecture. Excellent planning, accurate construction management, and competent builder's execution allowed the Flex A Seal team to implement waterproofing in the rooftop garden where a seamless indoor/outdoor atmosphere was created.

Our effective installation of the PVC membrane system with accurate detailing and minimalist finishes has endured the test of time. The building was completed four years ago and with its west-facing exposure, this roof garden is equipped to withstand Melbourne's frequent rainstorms and heat waves.

The construction method:

  • Timber joist with grading battens and plywood flooring over a 1 in 100 gradient.
  • Box gutters were fully timber constructed with gradient to drainage outlets.
  • The Flex A Seal PVC membrane system application was laid onto the timber substrate with continuous subsill underflashing and wall cladding rear flashing details.
  • The floating hardwood timber decking on battens rests on the Flex A Seal waterproofing membrane on protective rubber pads.
  • The swimming pool is a concrete constructed cantilevered design and was built by other contractors.

The integration of the pool structure with the roof deck and adjoining parapet wall was carried out by Flex A Seal personnel.