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Because of the prolonged leakage history of two terraces, the owners needed a leak-proof solution. Due to numerous failed attempts by an assortment of plumbers and builders, they felt such a solution might be impossible. They insisted that access to the waterproofing system be maintained to fix future leaks by considering a paving system where the pavers are removable. This was the owner's request and needed to be taken into account by our team.

With a view to satisfying the client's brief, we nominated the implementation of a paver system that is supported by adjustable corner pedestals resting on the all-important waterproofing membrane. Small gaps between the pavers allow rainwater to fall through onto the waterproofing membrane, installed on a graded surface, sloping to designated drainage outlets. The system conceals all the mechanics with a self-cleaning, perfectly horizontal pavement area. The easily removable pavers give access to the waterproofing membrane for possible maintenance should the need ever arise.

As the terrace floor is timber constructed, potential movement in the structure is possible, so the Flex A Seal team installed a polyester-reinforced, loose laid, but mechanically fixed, PVC waterproofing system that tolerates the most drastic building movement without failing. Flex A Seal's uncompromising installation regime followed by comprehensive quality control for each completed installation, dispelling the owner's concerns about possible future leaks of which there have been none!