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This project started with an idea to convert a somewhat dated and leaking tiled deck above the garage into the external entertainment area, located opposite the living/kitchen area and accessible by a previously makeshift bridge structure.

Following a positive evaluation by the engineers that the existing garage structure was sufficiently robust, we constructed a U-shaped planter along the three balustrade walls, converting the uninspiring garage roof deck into an elegant roof garden.

The ensuing roof garden design needed to take into account function and elegance to match the house.

Making the terrace and bridge floor heights work with the entrance of the house and external stairs posed some challenges. Minimal tolerances for gradient to facilitate the discharge of rainwater effectively became a critical element in finding the balance of aesthetics and practicality. By incorporating hidden channels as necessary, we achieved effective water drainage.

The client chose pavers made of Bluestone from local quarries. Its rich and veiny appearance was laid in a near flat, running bond pattern, interrupted only by a linear slot that drains water into the hidden drainage channel beneath.

We believe that waterproofing must be effective but not seen; having been given the mandate by the client to work in a co-operative manner with the other trades, our waterproofing membrane systems discreetly behind the finishes of the planter box walls, beneath the slot drains, and stair walls.

The finishing touches of the Australian Bluestone floor pavers with their grainy characteristics, the grey lime wash finish to the planter and balustrade walls, and a clever selection of plants worked to create a stylish, refined outdoor space. At Flex A Seal, we feel that our participation in this project contributed to a positive experience.