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Recently, Flex A Seal received approval to participate in the construction of a hill side property at Lorne, a seaside resort town along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

We invite all interested visitors to our website to witness each major stage of this project's tanking and roof garden construction.

Both the views from its property and the scope of the building captured our interests and we now look forward being part of this project.

The contemporary design of this building, which is a two-storey family home , deserves some descriptions for its enviable location, complemented by its intelligent design features.

Built into the hillside, this two-storey building will feature a roof garden, which will be integrated as part of the hillside topography. It will support some natural vegetation as part of its landscape design as well as provide for a paved sitting area.

The upper level roof will comprise of a flat, roof design bunted by parapet walls that will accommodate pebble ballast to provide for pleasant visual aspects for the neighbours that live on the upper hillside level of this project amongst other more functional benefits.

The matrix for both roof areas will incorporate thermal insulation that, when combined with the traditional thermal insulation at the soffit side of the roof, plus respective ballast above the roof insulation, will be in the order of r6 to r7. The flow on effect will be that climatisation cost will be less than 50% compared with the costs required when conventional construction standards are implemented.

Flex A Seal personnel have recently commenced the task of waterproofing this building by installing a tanking termination profile to be cast into the side of the concrete footing at ground level.

Progressively, as the construction of the retaining walls and first level roof unfolds, Flex A Seal personnel will install the tanking membrane consisting of our PVC tanking membrane system and, as in the case in all retaining or ballasted roof projects, Flex A Seal will incorporate the membrane between two layers of geological fabric with subsequent drainage mediums installed to the retaining wall and roof terrace before the insulation boards are installed and granular fill and growing soil is spread over.