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This majestic, 100-year-old building tucked away in a side street of Flemington was one of three power stations built to electrify the early suburban railway network. Whilst the other two power stations became developer projects┬Ł, the Newmarket Power Station will continue to serve the rail networks as a substation and remains a functional historic building. All the more reason that we were determined to give our utmost to restore its roof.

Built in 1914 during the Federation period, this building experienced a timely turnabout when Metro Trains management contracted us to refurbish the roof as part of an overall restoration project.

Adam Monaghan from Southern Cross Environmental Services, whose men undertook the removal of asbestos fibre surface coating, reported counting approximately 50 roof leaks throughout the building before works began.

As is typical in these types of projects, Flex A Seal opted to install its signature PVC membrane. Its inherent robustness along with the quality installation regime exercised by our tradesmen ensured 100% success with zero leaks evident at project completion.

Whilst all of the inner parapet-wall surface areas received a cosmetic liquid membrane application, the wall-capping received a new coping surface that makes the 140 x 60 metre wall sections far less prone to moisture-induced cyclic movement and subsequent crack formation.

A commercial agreement with Metro Trains ensures that Flex A Seal personnel will inspect this power station roof periodically as part of its quality control maintenance. In this way we ensure that our client can remain confident in a leak-free Newmarket railway substation and maintain this building of scientific and architecturally importance to the state of Victoria.

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